Envision IT Recognized as "Best of the Best"

Envision IT Pressroom | January 7, 2016

Envision IT Pressroom
January 7, 2016

Envision IT Recognized as “Best of the Best” at Citrix Summit 2016

Envision IT was invited by Citrix Systems to participate on a panel discussion titled, “The Best of the Best: Becoming a Citrix Specialist” at the 2016 global conference for Citrix partners. Envision IT was one of four companies from around the world, and one of only two U.S. partners on the panel. Envision IT earned all of the Citrix specializations in 2015 endorsing their expertise across the Citrix portfolio.


Specializations not only recognize engineering aptitude, but also the ability to exceptionally execute on a Statement of Work and ad hoc troubleshoot and problem-solve when presented with unexpected challenges. Citrix touts their specializations as its cornerstone to concentrate on customer satisfaction as well as endorse highly qualified Specialist partners. The Specialist designation benefits customers by enabling them to quickly identify best-in-class partners in target technical areas of Virtualization, Mobility and Networking. 


Efficiently earning all the specializations is a key differentiator among Citrix partners. Alec Brown, Envision’s Professional Services Director, notes, “When Citrix clients complain about their Citrix environment, most often it’s because it’s not current or not optimized. Citrix provides the best user experience hands-down, however proper implementation is key.” Bill Crahen, Envision CTO, adds, “We’re persnickety about quality and so we appreciate the rigor of the Specialist program and that Citrix doesn’t just issue ‘paper’ certificates. Citrix has put together a thorough program to endorse partners that have the engineering know-how, effective communication skills, and genuinely care about delighting clients.”


The Citrix specializations include Virtualization, Mobility Management, Networking for Data Center, and Networking for Applications and Mobility Security. 

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