Our business is technology optimization. Envision ensures that technology is an enabler to employee engagement and not an obstacle. In life people need to know that they matter, and this holds true at work too. Employees want to meaningfully contribute and know they and their efforts are valued. Today, technology is a key factor to people being productive at work…so their technology needs to work. That’s what Envision does…make.awesome.work.

With people as the source of everything, Envision’s approach begins with the end-user experience. How do people need to work and what do they need to accomplish? We use that as the starting point and then add-in the other priorities of the business to comprise the technology strategy with our clients. Envision’s business is not focused on product/cloud/co-location resale, and so we intrinsically embrace our clients’ objectives and are naturally motivated to achieve them.

"Envision IT has been a great partner to the school district with our virtualize action strategy and execution for Project Lead the Way (PLTW). PLTW has become a key part of our high school and middle school curriculum. Envision didn't sell us product, they helped make it all work."

- Steve Schlomann, CIO School District of Waukesha

Rehumanizing the Workforce Book Cover

Envision has been locally awarded for contributions to the economy and community. In the technology industry, Envision has been globally lauded for innovation, engineering excellence, project delivery, and customer satisfaction. And among worldwide organizations active in the conscious business movement, Envision has been recognized for marrying noble purpose, stakeholder orientation, and for-profit business. As an anomaly in the sharp-elbowed technology industry, Envision is profiled in the book, Rehumanizing the Workplace.

Organizations across the U.S. that value their employees and leverage technology to help run their business trust Envision as their go-to partner for expertise and care.