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Envision IT Pressroom | October 26, 2022

Envision IT Pressroom
October 26, 2022

Envision IT is an anomaly in the sharp-elbowed technology industry. We are a security-focused managed services provider and conscious business that has been serving the area for more than twenty years.  

Every year we see an increase in cyber security incidents, but in the past few years we’ve seen these numbers increase exponentially. The bad actors are merciless and are going after the most vulnerable. During the pandemic in 2021, 48% of hospitals had to shut down their networks for hours to weeks due to security events. Consumers are seeing and feeling the effects, too. The Colonial Pipeline attack, for example, was disruptive to the public and therefore received a lot of media attention.

So how are organizations keeping up with cyber security? Unfortunately, many haven’t been able to, but through no fault of their own. Much of the extra security work has landed on the shoulders of the IT team, and they already have an increased workload to support the additional complexity of remote work and are urgently implementing new security requirements from insurance providers. On top of that, most IT staff in small companies tend to be generalists, yet security threats require them to be specialists in risk mitigation and security. This often puts them in unachievable positions and helps explain why 77% of IT staff report being highly stressed and burning out.

We help our small and medium-sized clients solve this by co-managing their environments. We provide enterprise-class tools, access to security experts, and a 24x7 security operations center that is always looking for threats. This allows internal IT teams to focus on strategic projects that are more meaningful to the business while we help keep them safe. We helped one co-management client, a manufacturer, achieve their 3 aspiration goals in a shorter timeline that expected.

We also partner with enterprise clients that have large IT staffs for our globally recognized Citrix and Microsoft expertise.

Organizations across the U.S. that value their employees and leverage technology to help run their business trust Envision as their go-to partner for expertise and care. Also, many of our clients have a stakeholder orientation and authentically care for their stakeholders. With them we’re bettering the world – starting with the world of work.

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