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The Why of Envision IT

Technology is pervasive in our world today. Envision ensures it empowers people to contribute and businesses to thrive. We're the preferred technology partner for organizations that value employee engagement and recognize that people and technology, together, drive business success.
We do work that matters with people that care.

Unleashing Brilliance: Transforming Cybersecurity with a Modernized Partnership

Discover how leveraging your in-house IT team can lead to significant business wins. At Envision IT, we empower your IT professionals, enhance cybersecurity, and maximize impact—without the capital outlay. Let’s create a win-win for your business and your team!

Citrix + AVD

Explore how businesses are elevating their cloud experience by pairing Citrix with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

Modernized Security for Today's Cyber Threats

Learn how Citrix and Envision are addressing today's threat landscape.

Co-Managed IT for Forward-Thinking Businesses

Business IT is more complex than ever. Learn how Envision can help refocus your valuable IT staff on people support and strategic businsess initiatives that grow your business.

Modernized Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Learn how Envision IT keeps you far ahead of cyber criminals, empowering you and your employees to be maximally productive and securely focused on your business.

Remote Work: Business as Usual

In times of uncertainty, it’s critical to connect remote and frontline employees with the secure, reliable access to apps they need, and have the ability to scale up quickly. Learn how Citrix can help you power customers remote work experience that’s as secure, seamless and adaptable as the traditional in-office experience.

Citrix SIA Intro and Demo

A brief overview of the Citrix Secure Internet Access (CSIA) solution. 

Envision Customers are HOW

The Citrix production team visited Madison to film four videos featuring Envision and three of their stakeholders: The Boldt Company, Park Bank, and vcpi. Check out the final products:

How Citrix & Envision IT Deliver Technology that Matters 

Featuring: Envision
Hear how Envision IT's values align with Citrix's, enabling them to deliver technology that makes a true impact on their customers' lives.

How Citrix & Envision IT Help Customers Move to Cloud

Featuring: The Boldt Company, vcpi, Envision
Hear how Envision IT is helping their customers with the move to the cloud, why it's the right next step, and how Citrix Cloud makes the leap easier.

How Citrix & Envision IT Put Customers First

Featuring: Park Bank, vcpi, Envision
Hear how Envision IT starts with people when designing technology solutions for their customers, and why Citrix is the best partner to achieve this.

How Citrix & Envision IT Make Awesome Work

Featuring: Park Bank, The Boldt Company, vcpi, Envision
Hear how Envision IT achieves their tagline of "make awesome work" for their stakeholders with the support of Citrix.

Citrix Innovation Award

Citrix Innovation Award for Partners finalist 2017 – Envision IT, US

This video is about Envision IT, a finalist for the 2017 Citrix Innovation Award for Partners, a soulful consulting company helping clients improve employee engagement. Exact Sciences is working to eradicate colon cancer with Cologuard, a non-invasive and effective screening test. The companies partnered to enable Exact Sciences’ rapid global expansion leveraging Citrix Workspace Suite and NetScaler. The solution is invisible to end-users, secures PHI and Exact Sciences’ IP, and is delivered from a fluid hybrid of cloud and on-premise infrastructures. Together, Envision and Exact Sciences are delivering on a shared mission to enrich lives around the world.

Citrix Innovation Award for Partners Finalist: Envision IT

Take a look behind the scenes at the adventures of filming 2017 Citrix Innovation Award for Partner finalist Envision IT.

Conscious Business

An Introduction to Conscious Capitalism: A conversation with Nancy Pautsch

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. works to share our business philosophy and how it is put into action at businesses around the world. Gain a new perspective on how your business can elevate humanity under your leadership, see how conscious leaders are working to embed Conscious Capitalism into their businesses, and find new insights on how your business can be a force for good.