Envision IT is a soulful company comprised of kind people with a growth mindset. Envisioners are passionate about our purpose: improving the lives of our stakeholders. We cultivate fulfilling careers as well as support an enriched ‘whole’ life for our Envision family. Envision helps our clients’ businesses thrive while actively engaging their employees, supports our business partners, and enlivens compassion and care within our communities.

"After many years of working with various IT companies, Envision is the first that doesn't feel vendor-ish. They are a caring partner. They provide expert guidance based on our business, not pushing their own agenda. We trust we're in good hands."

- Todd Schroeder, Finance Director, Wisconsin Primary Health Care

We live our belief that business can be a force for good and elevate humanity. We are active in the global Conscious Capitalism movement. Additionally we are active in the communities that we live and work.

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