The term Cloud Computing has come to encompass an endless number of services provided on-demand with nearly limitless scalability, resiliency and security that would be financially difficult to match when compared to legacy on-premises deployments. Cloud Computing provides a competitive advantage to those who are able to consume it in a masterful way, which means continuous review of new and updated services and features, ability to shift workloads and keeping a watchful eye on cost controls. Performing these functions while also focusing on your business is a challenge, and this is where Envision is called upon to assist, whether you are just starting your Cloud journey from the ground up, or you are planning your migration from decades of on-premises workloads. Because Envision has no stake in the stereotypical hardware resell game, we have always embraced reviewing your platform options and recommending what makes good business sense and value for your organization, and everyone’s business is different, requiring various levels of availability and security needs. 

The following are several Cloud Computing areas where Envision can assist and guide you using a proven methodology that is financially consumable, while maximizing value and ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Content and Collaboration

One of the most challenging systems to design, implement and manage is your Content and Collaboration systems which include your Email platform. Being difficult to manage also means protecting it from disasters or criminal activity is often a challenge or too expensive, leaving you vulnerable. Hosted Content and Collaboration systems such as Microsoft’s Office 365 is often one of the first Cloud services customers look to consume. Envision is able to assist you on the planning, migration and further management of Content and Collaboration platform.

Next Generation Data Protection and Architecture for Resilience

Data Protection platforms are a natural fit for consuming Cloud services, with secure and limitless offsite storage you now have the ability to ensure your data is available when disaster strikes. Next Generation Data Protection also gives you the ability to test and prove your ability to recover in the event of a disaster, previously this required multiple data centers full of expensive equipment that had to be upgraded and replaced on a continual basis.

Custom Application Hosting

If your business relies on custom applications, either consumed internally by your users or directly by your customers, it often makes sense to evaluate and utilize Cloud hosting platforms. These platforms are mature and provide nearly all services as a pay for use model, allowing you to scale up or down without having to pur chase your own equipment sized for what you think your peak usage will be. You are also able to integrate Cloud native services meant to protect you and your customers while providing an exceptional user experience.

End User Computing

The challenge of providing an easy to use, flexible, yet secure end user computing environment has been a challenge since the early days of the first PC. Providing a user a desktop with all their needed applications was a nice compromise as it allowed the application to run locally and provided a good user experience. With the explosion of applications, OS upgrades, security patches and the need to work remotely the past methods are no longer working and users are finding ways to work around the challenges, which is creating more security concerns. Virtualized Applications and Desktops has solved these challenges, but deploying and managing your own, on-premises virtual platform is a large investment and takes away focus from your business. With the success of Cloud Computing we now have the ability to take advantage of Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), this gives us all the benefits of Virtualized Applications and Desktops, outsourcing the equipment and management, giving you back the time and resources to focus on your business. While DaaS solutions are not new, there are few solutions that focus on end user experience and security as their main priorities, instead many end up locking you into their platform. This is where Envision partners Citrix to provide a secure, exceptional user experience while giving you the choice of where your applications and desktops are hosted, whether in the Cloud or even on-premises as your Cloud journey begins.

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