CEO Forecast: Cybercrime and AI

Every year InBuisiness Magazine gets insight from CEOs around the greater Madison area as they share their predictions for the upcoming year.

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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023: Secure Our World and Stay Safe Online

Discover the significance of Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023 and the 'Secure Our World' initiative. Learn how to stay safe online with four essential actions, from strong passwords to recognizing phishing attempts. As IT professionals, let's champion cybersecurity awareness and build a safer digital world together.

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LastPass Security Incident and Recommendations

LastPass sent out a communication to their customers indicating they had detected “unusual activity” within their environment. What actions you should take now depends on your situation.

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Desktop as a Service: Compatibility

DaaS and its capabilities fill a need in the American workplace more than ever and it is not as complicated nor as expensive as it was once thought to be.

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Desktop as a Service: Cost Savings

DaaS gives organizations extra automation and flexibility which in turn can lead to potential cost savings.

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Strategic IT Partnering for Today's Cyber Threats

Every year we see an increase in cyber security incidents, but in the past few years we’ve seen these numbers increase exponentially. So the question is, how are organizations keeping up with cyber security?

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Desktop as a Service: Scalability

Companies can rapidly spin up apps and desktops based on their specific business needs without having to add the cost of additional infrastructure.

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Desktop as a Service: Management

Employees are working with devices that evolve over time. If your organization is exploring DaaS, you should consider its many benefits, including Management.

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Desktop as a Service: Business Continuity

DaaS provides a simpler way to support disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

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Desktop as a Service: Security

Data theft or destruction, ransomware attacks, hacking, phishing, and denial of service attacks are all threats that organizations are fighting against at any time. DaaS provides users with a secure access point and enhances data security.

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Diving into 7 Benefits of Desktop as a Service

Market forces and changing attitudes about the nature of work are driving organizations to look more closely at IT options that provide flexibility, security, and a host of other benefits designed to keep their enterprises competitive.

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Preventing Cyberattacks Requires Vigilance

There are a variety of cyberattacks that can cause business disruption, but ransomware is still the most worrisome because these attacks increasingly occur at smaller business organizations.

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Feeling the Burnout: How to Keep Your IT Staff Mentally Fresh

With the variety of malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks coming at us left and right, the risk of information technology staff burnout is rising by the day.

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Don’t Go IT Alone

For many organizations, it’s difficult to hire in-house cybersecurity experts or invest in their own enterprise-class security platforms.

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Business Continuity

Organizations with Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solutions in place are less likely to experience significant downtime from ransomware.

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Incident Response Plan

Just how prepared is your organization to respond to a cyber-attack? An incident response plan is a critical component to recovery readiness that requires collaboration between all critical business units.

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Cyber Insurance

Is your organization financially able to withstand a cyber-attack? What if you had to shut down for a week or a month? What kind of financial impact would that have on your company? These are important questions to ask yourself as you weigh investing in cyber-security insurance.

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Remote Connectivity

With the nature of work evolving (in-office, remote, hybrid, fractionalized, out-sourced, etc.) many companies now know that the need to manage and secure their networks must evolve as well.

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Automation, Expertise, and the Human Firewall

Bad actors are relentless and leverage AI and automation to constantly search for a door into your environment. To combat the complex and creative attempts into your business, you need to match the sophistication to defend against the barrage of attacks.

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A Layered Security Approach

While widely publicized incidents with large multi-national companies have made the headlines, an often-underreported story is the impact cybercrime has on small to medium sized businesses and the role that managed service providers can play in protecting and guiding this increasingly vulnerable segment.

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Improving Your Organization's Security Posture

Improving your organization’s security posture to prevent, prepare for, or minimize the effect of a security breach requires a layered approach with a particular focus on five essential areas.

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Envision First in the World to Achieve Citrix Ready Cloud Services Program

Citrix recognized Envision’s achievement of being the first in the world to earn the Citrix Ready Cloud Services Program for Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS!

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Positive Takeaways from the Pandemic

If you’re looking for reasons to be optimistic about the post-pandemic world of work, consider this: For years, Gallup has shared research that remote work promotes employee engagement and engaged employees are more productive.

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Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise

We often hear about the big business breaches in the news, but small and medium sized businesses are not out of the woods.

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Password Management

Passwords are synonymous with security; managing these digital keys has become exponentially difficult and insecure. Let's discuss keeping track of them, how to manage them, and some ways threat actors use a stolen password to take over other accounts.

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Important Cybersecurity News: FireEye and SolarWinds Breaches, December 2020

There have been two major security events in the past week that we wanted to share information on to help answer questions you may have. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out for further discussions around these events and how you can take measures to protect your users and systems.

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Data Ownership

Who owns all of the 1's and 0's whizzing in your network or across the internet?

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What is Light and Dark Data?

How well do you know your business data - is it being used to make decisions or just kept in a forgotten corner of your network?

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Longer-term effects of COVID on Business

Amidst the pandemic, The Enterprise Strategy Group conducted an in-depth survey of North American IT decision-makers and over a thousand corporate knowledge workers to understand the present and future of the dynamic situation and the world of work. Results of this study prove out that the constant dialogue that Citrix and Envision maintain with their clients and prospects is indeed keeping them in-tune with the market needs and wisely positioned to address the demand.

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Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities

In the security news lately we've been reading about and dealing with some very serious Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities. So why are these so serious, how do they continue to show up and what can we do to stop them?

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The Future of Work, Post Covid-19

From its inception, Envision IT has sought to bridge the gap between technology and humanity — a mission its leaders acknowledge will only become more essential in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A new way to make work less work

As consumers, we live in a digitally connected world, where we have every device, app and bit of information we need at our fingertips. The same should be true at work. However, research shows us that employee engagement is impeded by a digital experience that is far from smooth.

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Mitigate threats with a secure digital workspace

Build a strategic approach to network and app security.

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Unlock opportunity with a new security approach

A secure digital workspace is the answer. Quite simply, it's a contextual, integrated way to deliver and manage the apps, desktops, data, and devices your users need to be productive.

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7 best practices to securely deploy enterprise-grade apps

Companies like yours are doing everything they can to take advantage of mobility.

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Is it time for a secure digital workspace?

There was a time when traditional workspaces simplified the ways we worked. But as mobile devices, BYOD, and new cloud architectures have become more prevalent, IT is experiencing greater complexity, organizations are opening themselves up to security risks, and employees are wanting better mobile experiences.

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Envision IT Hosts Enriching Workshop Series

Envision IT Hosts Enriching Workshop Series: Enhanced Security with Azure and Citrix

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Faxploit: Fax Machine Issues in 2018?

Recent research by Checkpoint has revealed some shocking issues with HP fax machines. This is another example why we have to pay special attention to what goes on our networks.

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Envision IT Hosts Enriching 2 Day Workshop Series

Envision IT hosts workshop series in two cities in March 2018

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Top Reasons To Use A Password Manager

Using a password manager is a great way to improve personal security while also easing the burden of the ever-increasing number of accounts we acquire. Password managers address several key points in password security:

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Mobility In The Outback & The Underground

This story of John Holland Group helps us put access and communication in perspective, taking us from the outskirts to the underground and back again.

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Global Distribution One Grape At A Time

When you have customers around the world, making decisions quickly - even the small ones - can dramatically impact product and service deliverables.

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Remote Access In Remote Places

Working remotely has become one of the largest trends in attracting and keeping talent in an organization. In some circumstances, like Wisconsin's winters, working remotely is a necessity.

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The New Ransomware

Ransomware such as CryptoLocker has made the news and caused a lot of pain for many individuals and companies. Are you prepared for the next version of ransomware that has become more sophisticated and plans to go after your company's most important data?

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