Beau Smithback is the founder and Chief Strategist of Stakeholder Value (CEO) of Envision. Beau is one of the most sought-after Enterprise Architects in the nation and has led technology transformations for businesses of all sizes and industries. He’s experienced many times over the unsung synergies of digital and cultural evolutions within organizations. Beau also shares lessons learned from inside of the one of the most invasive Ransomware attacks in U.S. history-to-date

Nancy Pautsch is the Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (President) of Envision. As a veteran in the technology industry and conscious leadership devotee, Nancy led Envision’s evolution as a thriving Firm of Endearment. She proves how even in the most sharp-elbowed industry a company can profitably combine noble purpose, strategic differentiation, and care for people for long-term success.

Bill Crahen is the Chief Architect of Stakeholder Value (CTO) of Envision. Bill entered the technology industry as a young consulting engineer with an innate growth mindset. Before long he was leading the most innovative teams pushing the limits of how technology can impact how people work and then sharing those experiences on the world stage. With his finger on the pulse of the industry and constant dialogue with clients, Bill is Envision’s guidepost for relevance among the sea of emerging technology platforms.

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Envision executives are passionate about enriching the lives of their stakeholders and exemplify that purpose. Each has their respective swimlane of expertise and share real-life lessons that resonate.