Envision First in the World to Achieve Citrix Ready Cloud Services Program

Envision IT Pressroom | October 22, 2021

Envision IT Pressroom
October 22, 2021

Citrix recognized Envision’s achievement of being the first in the world to earn the Citrix Ready Cloud Services Program for Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS! This designation acknowledges our expertise to facilitate organizations’ journeys to the cloud with confidence and fully deliver on the Citrix promise of flexibility with a secure and optimal end-user experience for the ever-evolving world of work.  

Digital transformation is more than just a buzz word – it’s the future of work, and the global pandemic accelerated this journey as organizations experienced the important role cloud plays in ensuring business continuity in times of uncertainty. The Cloud Services Program enables us to remove complexity, increase flexibility while bolstering security for organizations, and empower a globally distributed workforce.  

By leveraging Citrix with workloads in public clouds, organizations are able to avoid vendor lock-in and instead maintain choice and freedom to move their workloads where and when it makes the most sense for them.  

This valuable Citrix endorsement of Envision’s expertise, helps organizations feel fully confident with Envision as their partner. And with Envision as a Service (EaaS)companies can help their IT staff avoid burnout, and moreover, take a strategic focus and do the important work they were hired to do … truly working in their Zone of Genius*“The business landscape is changing at a faster-than-ever pace, a secure and flexible technology environment becomes a competitive edge for leading businesses.” – Bill Crahen, Chief Value Architect (CTO), Envision  

Learn how Envision and Citrix can help you accelerate your organization’s IT modernization, here


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