Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023: Secure Our World and Stay Safe Online

Envision IT Pressroom | October 1, 2023

Envision IT Pressroom
October 1, 2023

October is a significant month for the world of cybersecurity as it marks Cyber Security Awareness Month. This year holds a special significance as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has introduced an enduring cybersecurity awareness program, "Secure Our World," which will be the focal point of this year's Cyber Security Awareness Month and future awareness campaigns. As IT professionals, it's crucial that we recognize the importance of Cyber Security Awareness Month and actively promote cybersecurity awareness among our stakeholders, including our clients, employees, business partners and the wider community.

Secure Our World: A New Horizon in Cybersecurity Awareness
CISA's "Secure Our World" initiative is designed to inspire behavioral change across the nation, emphasizing the significance of individual, family, and small to medium-sized business efforts in securing the digital world. This enduring theme underscores the need for consistent and vigilant cybersecurity practices. It is a clarion call for all of us to take action each day, safeguarding ourselves when online or utilizing connected devices.

Four Easy Ways to Stay Safe Online
To make "Secure Our World" a reality, we must start by taking simple yet impactful actions that bolster our online security. Here are four critical steps we should all follow, not just during October but every day of the year:

1. Use Strong Passwords: Strong and unique passwords are your first line of defense against cyber threats. Encourage your clients to create complex passwords, combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Utilizing password managers can help maintain a secure record of these passwords. Podcast Episode: 15 Ways to Protect your Business form a Cyber Attack: Passwords

2. Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MFA is an additional layer of security that significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. Whether it's for email accounts, cloud services, or financial platforms, MFA should be enabled wherever possible. Emphasize the importance of this to your employees as it can thwart most hacking attempts. Podcast Episode: 15 Ways to Protect your Business from a Cyber Attack: MFA

3. Recognize and Report Phishing: Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it's crucial for individuals and businesses to recognize the signs of phishing attempts. Train your employees to be cautious when clicking on links or opening attachments in emails from unknown sources. Encourage them to report any suspicious emails promptly. Podcast Episode: 15 Ways to Protect your Business from a Cyber Attack: Spam Emails

4. Update Software: Software updates, including operating systems and applications, often contain security patches that address known vulnerabilities. Regularly updating software ensures that these vulnerabilities are patched, reducing the risk of exploitation by cybercriminals. Encourage your employees to enable automatic updates whenever possible. 15 Ways to Protect your Business from a Cyber Attack: Computer Updates

Collaborate to Build a Safer Digital World
As IT professionals, we can play a pivotal role in raising awareness about these fundamental cybersecurity practices. Throughout October, let's use our expertise to educate all our stakeholders about the significance of Cyber Security Awareness Month and the "Secure Our World" initiative. Here are some resources you might find helpful:

October's Cyber Security Awareness Month presents a unique opportunity for us to make a positive impact on our organization and stakeholder’s cybersecurity practices and contribute to the creation of a safer digital world. By championing the "Secure Our World" initiative and promoting four essential actions, we can empower individuals, families, and other businesses to stay safe online, not just this October but every day of the year. Together, we can make a significant difference in enhancing cybersecurity awareness and resilience in our digital age.

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