Personal Growth Leads to Professional Fulfillment

Envision IT Pressroom | May 21, 2018

Envision IT Pressroom
May 21, 2018

Investing in people, community, and customers can lead to profitability.

The Curious Conscious Capitalist“The Curious Conscious Capitalist” podcast recently featured Envision IT President, Nancy Pautsch. The Conscious Capitalism Chicago chapter series focuses on the journey of business leaders and companies who have profitable businesses and caring cultures serving a higher purpose. In addition to leading Envision IT, Pautsch is on multiple non-profit boards (incl. the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism) and is active in technology industry leadership forums.

Pautsch shared her experience that started with a search for intuition and concluded with a clear understanding that she was no longer a match for a stereotypical VAR in the sharp-elbowed technology industry. Even though at the time she was leading an over-achieving team and had everything society says “success” is. After reading Firms of Endearment, she realized the possibility of combining her personal growth with business and industry.

The result is award-winning Envision IT, a conscious business invested in their stakeholder’s experiences by enriching clients and endearing employees. Envisioners recognize that life experience is more important than the “stuff.” Their holistic approach is to do good for employees, community, industry, and the world. Envision IT figured out how to

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