Mobility In The Outback & The Underground

Nancy Pautsch | July 11, 2015

Nancy Pautsch
July 11, 2015

When you have employee work groups spread across territories, in the field and in offices, access to information is tough.  Combine multiple projects, teams and vendors all moving at rapid pace and communication seems like an afterthought.

We turned to the Outback for a little inspiration.  Like the Midwestern states of the U.S., there is a diversity of work environments that challenge organizations to stay on their toes.  This story of John Holland Group helps us put access and communication in perspective, taking us from the outskirts to the underground and back again.  Across their locations, we are reminded it’s not just remotely accessing information that’s beneficial, but provisioning and upgrading tools across work sites that save an abundance of time and money.

Finally, their inspiration goes further, describing how the more data is shared, the less redundant work cycles are performed, the happier employees are.

Enjoy their story and the Outback scenery.

Tags: BYOD, Mobility, Security, Technology