Mitigate threats with a secure digital workspace

January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020

Build a strategic approach to network and app security

Everyone knows them. They hold enormous power. They strike awe and often fear in those who know them best. And, sadly, they’ve become so pervasive that they are known by their single-name monikers.




It’s no surprise that sophisticated attacks like these and others have garnered so much attention—and with good reason. They’re evolving and getting smarter. They can be incredibly damaging. And they are rapidly increasing in frequency.

But just because these high-profile attacks get most of the attention, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the many other threats that are zeroing in on your distributed environment. From the network to applications, attacks continue to hit organizations at every layer of the infrastructure.

Historically, the solution has been to tack on another point security product to mitigate the impact. But this kind of approach not only leaves gaps in security, but it also increases the complexity, cost and overall risks in trying to keep your digital ecosystem protected.

The balancing act between security and usability

As we all know, IT admins face a constant struggle to maintain iron-clad security for the organizations while also empowering users with seamless access. Today’s increasingly remote and mobile users want choice when it comes to their apps and devices, and the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. But that creates a lot of undo complexity, security risk, and systems sprawl for IT to manage.

The good news is, with a secure digital workspace, organizations don’t have to give one priority over the other. They can have both.

A better environment for everyone.

For users, the benefits of a digital workspace are obvious. All the apps and data they need to do their jobs in one place under one password. No more lost time and angst searching for files or maintaining an ever-growing list of passwords to access them. Everything is at their fingertips, wherever they are working from that day.

For admins, the perks are just as good. A unified, contextual and secure workspace where they can deliver highly available and reliable systems that also keep apps and data secure.

But it gets better. With a secure digital workspace, IT professionals can create a holistic security approach that also delivers:

  • 360-degree visibility into the entire ecosystem
  • Simplified access for users on any device from any location
  • The ability to manage, renew, set and enforce company-wide access policies
  • Actionable insights from your data to proactively address issues before they do harm
  • Updates and patching capabilities at the global level
  • Protection against targeted app-layer attacks
  • End-to-end encryption

Simply put, if you want to improve the security across your distributed environment, say goodbye to the point solution shuffle. Instead, take a look at how a secure digital workspace can improve the efficacy of your infrastructure while also delivering the right experience to the right user at the right time. Get started by checking out the e-book, “Build a strategic approach to network and app security” today.

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