Envision IT Hosts Enriching 2 Day Workshop Series

Envision IT Pressroom | March 30, 2018

Envision IT Pressroom
March 30, 2018

In March, Envision IT hosted two days of enriching workshops to continue their successful series. Members of Envision’s exec team lead the conversation and engaged with attendees who came willing to share their own experiences and learn new things. Both days started with Envision IT founder and CEO, Beau Smithback discussing Deploying Citrix in Azure. Beau focused on how Citrix and Azure are better together: what’s simplified with Citrix and Azure versus on-prem Citrix, how to migrate on-prem Citrix infrastructure to Azure, and how to use Azure for DR of Citrix.

Joel Piper form Citrix joined to download the group on Citrix Summit 2018 over lunch. This included highlights of Citrix’ innovation around the client workspace. A great preparation for folks planning to attend Synergy where even more will be unveiled.

Envision IT CTO, Bill Crahen presented during the afternoon session: a how-to deep dive on Ensuring Awesome Connectivity to Azure. Bill dove into designing for resiliency, visibility across the wire, and taking back the power and making carriers ‘hot swappable.’

The days ended with experiences unique to their location offering attendees a chance to try something new and engage in additional conversation on the day. Day one, in Manitowoc, closed with a personal submarine tour at Maritime Museum. Day two finished strong with a J. Henry and Son’s guided Bourbon tasting, company history, and family stories from co-founder, Liz Henry. What a story!

Time out of the office can be sparse and needs to be of value to the individual and the company they represent. From feedback, attendees found the days to be ‘fun and informative’, and the unique experiences to be an enjoyable end to their day, and ‘a great way to make new acquaintances’. Additional topics for future workshops were vast. All in all, everyone found the time together to be worthwhile.

Miss the event? We are happy to give an individual deep dive on the day’s topics; reach out here: https://envisionitllc.com/pages/contact.php

J Henry & Son's BourbonSubmarine tour at Maritime Museum And if you missed it, here’s more information on 

the enriching experiences – worth checking out!





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