Enriching a Whole Life

July 8, 2020

July 8, 2020

Work…  Life…   Balance?  Seems unrealistic… or is it?

As a soulful company, Envision wants the best for our Envision family.  This includes supporting our Envisioners in rewarding careers and an enriched life.  And we share a passion about our purpose: improving the lives of Envision stakeholders. This means helping our clients’ businesses thrive while actively engaging their employees, supporting our business partners, and enlivening compassion and care within our communities.

We all make that happen together. And with that as our lighthouse, we’ve recognized 100% employee engagement, earned ‘partner of the year’ (among thousands of other partners) with a leading technology provider, and appreciate 99% ‘awesome’ customer satisfaction surveys. So we’ve experienced that employees living whole lives, also drives better business. Recently Jim Harter, Ph.D., with Gallup, published article, If Your Employees Aren't Thriving, Your Business Is Struggling, perfectly articulates our experience.

Part of the whole life equation is a Work / Life balance. It helps prevent burnout and reduce stress.  However, with COVID the work / life balance is altered and not in the way intended.  Once work and home were two different environments, now work in most cases is right at home. And since Envision is one of the best in the world at enabling secure remote work for businesses, our team’s work life is busier than ever.

So how does a busy soulful company continue to support employees’ whole lives during these unsettling times? We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but one thing we know for sure is that our commitment to do so is stronger than ever. Here are a few things that we’ve learned are helping Envisioners thrive:

  • Clear, caring, and regular communication.
  • Customized support. The pandemic affects everyone differently and we recognize it – so we meet folks where they are and help.
  • The Sticky Note Game. We picked this up from our friends at Table xi (thank you!). It’s a fun way to document, support, and track progress towards professional and personal goals.  
  • Tips and Sips, a weekly virtual company gathering where we share personal/professional hacks, play games, and spend quality time together.
  • Ergonomic equipment for home offices.
  • Mind and body health with virtual yoga and meditation.
  • Emotional health with virtual counseling available.
  • Care packages sent to Envisioners’ homes

Envision, where we count hearts, not heads, supports our family any way we can to help them succeed in both the professional and personal environments to reach their best whole life. We’d love to learn what you’re doing in your organization. Please reach out to us so we can share ideas!

Authored by:
Kim Crahen, Director of Endearment and Money Maestro

Tags: Conscious Business, Conscious Leadership, Personal Growth, Professional Development