CEO Summit 2018 for Conscious Capitalism

Envision IT Pressroom | November 1, 2018

Envision IT Pressroom
November 1, 2018

The annual CEO Summit for Conscious Capitalism was another success October 2018 at the Lost Pines Resort outside of Austin, TX. This event is where CEOs of conscious businesses go for professional development and networking with like-minded leaders in a shared mission to elevate humanity through business.

This year, Envision’s Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (aka President), Nancy Pautsch, spoke at the conference discussing Envision’s practice of improving the lives of their stakeholders. “Having experienced the suffering of shareholder-wealth-at-all-costs earlier in our respective careers, Envision’s ELT are determined to empower our stakeholders to thrive,” Pautsch told the crowd of 200 CEOs. She went on to describe how Envision’s business model and practices cultivate interdependence of stakeholder success. Envision stands out in the technology sector as an organization steadfast in their commitment to long-term success while remaining owner-operated and focused on their higher purpose. 

This year’s CEO Summit included author Dan Buettner (founder and author of Blue Zones organization and book series) who offered an important reminder of keys to living longer and happier. Notably his organization, Blue Zones, are helping communities support healthy lifestyles with infrastructure and education. Chip Conley, Chief Strategist of AirBnb and author, discussed age diversity within the current workforce. Chip underscored the opportunity for all to learn from each other with awareness saying, “knowledge speaks and wisdom listens.”

This year the Keynotes were shortened to about 20-25 minutes allowing for more inspiring stories from visionary leaders of their businesses for good. Theresa Carrington, Founder of Ten by Three, had CEOs hysterically laughing one minute discussing her childhood with fellow rebel-rousing siblings in a foster family to wonder the next minute telling how she helps women in the poorest regions in Africa become successful entrepreneurs. Tracey Massey, President of Americas Mars Wrigley Confectionary, discussed learning confidence in her abilities to lead and Kerry Healey, President of Babson College, offered insightful reasoning to the widening political divide in our country.

Envision IT supports the Conscious Capitalism movement by living the tenets in its business daily as well as supporting multiple chapters in the Midwest. The CEO Summit is a must-do for Envision’s ELT. Among other CCI events Envisioners participate in are the National Conference, CC 101, conscious leadership events throughout the year, and chapter events.

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