A Field Trip for Conscious Leaders, Amy Cuddy, & Harvard Students

Envision IT Pressroom | May 29, 2018

Envision IT Pressroom
May 29, 2018

Experiencing the caring culture of Barry Wehmiller in Phillips, Wisconsin

Group of paticipants

Envision IT joined other conscious leaders from around the globe to visit the people of Barry Wehmiller PaperSystems in northern Wisconsin. It was an opportunity for leaders to share their respective purposeful business missions and approach to operating a conscious business and see BW PaperSystems in action. Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry Wehmiller and co-author of Everybody Matters, hosted the small group, however, the people from the BW PaperSystems plant took center stage. Employees from the BW Phillips operation participated in almost all activities of the retreat including the ‘red carpet welcome,’ an in-depth tour of the plant (with an invitation to talk with anyone/everyone in the plant), panel discussions, and dinners.

The common thread among BW PaperSystems’ people is a palpable sense of care. They know they are cared for, and in turn care for each other and their BW business. Many told stories of personal and professional growth with tear-filled gratitude to BW’s culture and professional education offerings. Mr. Chapman walked business leaders through the healthy business growth of the BW enterprise. He spotlighted the Phillips’ plant’s success after the BW acquisition from Marquip and credited the 180-degree culture shift. Exemplifying being good to people, can also result in good business and better communities.

Harvard students joined the discussion

A surprise visit from Harvard professor and psychologist, Amy Cuddy, with 8 of her top undergraduate students added to the enriching dialogue. Cuddy’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and all aspire to make the world a better place. Two of them have already launched new businesses with a keen focus on helping people.

The field trip closed with all the leaders expressing their take-aways from the 3-day event. All sharing a sense of urgency to grow their conscious businesses (with the intent to care for more people), and to spread the word of Conscious Capitalism…conscious business can, and does, elevate humanity.


Other conscious business that participated include:  

 Conscious businesses that participated


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