Savvy VMware Clients are Seamlessly Migrating to Citrix with Envision IT

Envision IT Pressroom | April 25, 2024

Envision IT Pressroom
April 25, 2024

How Envision IT (Envision) and Citrix are helping remove barriers and burden of a migration and why so many clients are making the move.


Recognizing current support challenges and longer-term concerns around VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions given Broadcom’s divestiture of VMware’s End-User Compute (EUC) division, Citrix and Envision are investing to help VMware clients transform uncertainty into achievements for their people and businesses.

In this blog post we’ll outline the shared investments from Envision and Citrix making it easy for clients to leverage all the benefits from Citrix solutions; why VMware clients are looking to Citrix; how Citrix solutions deliver flexibility, enhanced security, an optimized user experience, and freedom of choice; and how Citrix has streamlined their offerings and maximized value for clients.

Delivering Certainty and Removing Obstacles for Ease

It may seem daunting for organizations of all sizes and complexities to migrate from VMware Horizon to the Citrix desktop virtualization platform(s).  Envision and Citrix are easing the burden and cost making the decision simple for forward-thinking leaders. Citrix refers to Envision as the “best of the best” in engineering, project delivery and customer satisfaction and so customers can be confident in a smooth migration experience and successful result.

And of course, Envision and Citrix wouldn’t limit incentives to only new Citrix clients, they will also support existing Citrix clients that want to move their VMware Horizon workloads to Citrix. Consolidating and streamlining their virtualized environments.

Specifically, Envision and Citrix will provide:

  • Envision’s tools and “best of the best” consulting services at no charge for the migration. This can include assessment, design, implementation, testing, documentation and knowledge transfer. Everything needed to plan and execute migration projects for a smooth and seamless transition.
  • Clients that are new to Citrix will get one year free in a three-year cloud licensing commitment with an annual expenditure exceeding $50,000.
  • Current Citrix clients that move VMware Horizon workloads to Citrix and commit to a 50% expansion of their investment with Citrix will get unlimited capacity of the new Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud subscription.
  • Current Citrix enterprise clients can enjoy a 10% credit on their next renewal by increasing their VDI and DaaS usage by 25% or more.
  • As part of the newly formed Citrix platform, enterprises can leverage the power of Citrix and NetScaler capabilities through either the Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud subscription or Citrix Platform License.

Why Clients are Looking to Citrix

Technology leaders know the challenges and opportunities of hybrid cloud computing. They need to balance the demands of IT flexibility, user productivity, business resiliency, secure access, and compliance in a complex and dynamic environment. They also need to leverage the best of both worlds: the efficiency and scalability of public cloud services, and the control and customization of private datacenters.

But not all hybrid cloud solutions are created equal. VMware has infamously locked-in clients to their proprietary platforms and limited their choices and flexibility. And with the recent spinoff of VMware EUC, a strong dose of uncertainty is added to the lock-in concern in leveraging VMware. Others, like AWS Workspaces, offer a one-size-fits-all approach that may not meet an organization’s specific needs and use cases. And some, like Nerdio, claim to offer low-cost solutions that may not deliver the best user experience, security, and management capabilities and ultimately additional hidden costs.

That's why savvy leaders look to Citrix. Citrix is the leader in hybrid cloud virtualization, with a proven track record of delivering the best user experience, security, and management for any app, desktop, or workload, on any device, network, or cloud. Citrix’s approach is the opposite of lock-in. Citrix empowers leaders to run Citrix anywhere (private cloud, any public cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud hybrid) and securely deliver apps and desktops from and to everywhere. Citrix supports leaders in choosing what’s right for their organization and specific situation.

Why is Citrix is better than VMware?

VMware Horizon is a competing hybrid cloud virtualization solution that offers a consistent user experience, simplified management, and enhanced security across on-premises and cloud environments. Citrix has several advantages over VMware Horizon, such as:

  • Experience: Citrix HDX technology delivers the best high-definition experience across any network and application, with telephony and unified communications optimizations, 3D graphics support, 60 FPS video, broad device and peripheral support, multi-monitor support, adaptive throughput for high performance apps, and best experience on low-bandwidth connections. Citrix also offers service continuity in the event of network interruption, and workflow automation with Workspace Hub's proximity-based activities. Citrix supports the widest range of use cases, including Linux-based apps and local apps.
  • Security: Citrix adds a granular layer of security to applications and data through policy control, session recording, session watermarking, secure browser, secure private access, app protection policies, and security analytics. Citrix security policies are context-aware so policies can be configured based on the specific risk scenario present at every application launch. Citrix also integrates with Citrix Analytics for workspace-centric user behavior analytics and risk scoring and provides real-time attack telemetry and automated remediation.
  • Management: Citrix offers unified management across cloud and on-premises as well as globally distributed sites, without a single point of failure. Citrix supports all major hypervisors, public clouds, and physical PCs, and offers the best public cloud support for AWS, Azure, and Google. Citrix also provides the highest admin efficiency and IT agility, with industry-leading application and image management, end-user support, and cloud cost optimizations.

These are not just claims, but real-world observations from Envision’ss experience as the “best of the best” Citrix consulting partner. We have seen how Citrix Universal License helps our clients achieve better outcomes, such as:

  • Improved user satisfaction and productivity, with faster and more reliable access to apps and desktops, regardless of location, device, or network.
  • Enhanced security and compliance, with reduced risk of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and insider threats, and improved visibility and control over user activity and behavior.
  • Reduced IT complexity and costs, with simplified and streamlined management, lower cloud consumption, and optimized resource utilization.

Therefore, Citrix is the best choice for hybrid cloud virtualization, as it offers an unmatched user experience, security, and management for any app, desktop, or workload, on any device, network, or cloud.


If you are a current Citrix customer or a VMware customer looking to make the switch, you may be wondering how Envision can help you with your migration or upgrade to Citrix solutions. The answer is simple: Envision is your trusted partner for all things Citrix. We have the expertise, experience, and tools to make your transition smooth and seamless, whether you want to move from VMware Horizon to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, or from an older version of Citrix to the latest one.

Envision can help you plan, design, implement, test, and support your Citrix environment, using the best practices and methodologies that we have developed over 20 years of successful projects. We can also help you optimize, monitor, and manage your Citrix environment, using our proprietary tools and analytics to monitor, troubleshoot, and improve your performance, availability, and security. And we can help you maximize your Citrix investment, using our knowledge and insights to advise you on the best licensing options, cloud strategies, and cost savings.

Don't wait any longer. Contact Envision today and let us show you how we can help you migrate to, upgrade, optimize, or monitor and manage all things Citrix with ease and confidence. You'll be glad you did.

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