Our Top 5 Productivity Apps of 2015

Nancy Pautsch | November 9, 2015

Nancy Pautsch
November 9, 2015

Our Top 5 Productivity Apps of 2015

Many of us are addicted to our mobile devices. We take them everywhere with us, and with their increasing power and high speed internet capabilities, everyone has access to their very own personal assistant. From note-taking, to calendars, timers and to-do lists, mobile apps provide us free resources to improve our personal and professional productivity. Here is a list of our Top 5 apps of 2015 to increase your productivity.

Trello (Android, iOS)

No matter how you stay organized, Trello has it all in a clean and easy-to-use interface. Trello is a highly customizable digital bulletin board that you can use to set up anything from to do lists, tasks, notes and more. Users create "lists", which are dynamic containers that can be filled with "cards." These can be anything from tasks, notes, ideas, pictures and more, that users can then drag and drop up and down the line, or move to other lists. All of this can be shared with other users, with provisions for creating new cards, adding comments, and assigning tasks.

MileIQ (Android, iOS)

Many of us travel for business and are tasked with the accurate tracking of mileage for our expense reporting purposes. Notebooks, spreadsheets and other recording methods rely on your own calculations and can result in lost money. With MileIQ you can track all of your travel and then just simply swipe left or right to categorize personal vs. business trip expenses. At the end of the month you will have a full mileage report, up-to-date and ready to go

Humin (iOS)

Networking is a huge part of any industry. Humin is an app that remembers all the details about how and where you met someone. All you need to do is collect a phone number from your new acquaintance, and Humin will record the rest. You'll then have the ability to search through your contacts using simple phrases like "met last week" or "lives in Milwaukee."

Slack (iOS, Android)

Everyday, we all work with teams or communicate with groups of people within our organization(s). Slack allows you to keep up with all of the communication without sifting through dozens of emails. It is a chat room of sorts, and you can tag users and create multiple channels for smaller team projects. The desktop version pushes notifications to the corner of your screen, allowing you to stay on top of what's happening while keeping your eyes on your work. This great program also offers an app for both iOS and Android devices.


Carrot (iOS)

Productivity apps are great tools, but they lose their effectiveness when we snooze, delete or ignore them. Carrot, is a task completion app with an attitude that will prod you when you're procrastinating and gamifies your to-do list. Example of some notifications include: “Greetings, lazy human. I am your new task master,” and “You don't want to make me upset." Carrot will punish you for slacking off, “Would you like to confess your laziness to all your social media friends?”, but she will also rewards you for your achievements by granting you points that you can redeem for prizes.

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