Looking Beyond the Pandemic

Envision IT Pressroom | April 15, 2020

Envision IT Pressroom
April 15, 2020

These are indeed turbulent times, however, Envisioners see a new world of work emerging from the circumstances brought about by the Coronavirus. We’re not donning rose-colored glasses, rather exercising our growth mindset and optimism in our shared humanity.

Employers that hadn’t answered the call pre-Coronavirus to prioritize employee engagement by extending flexible workstyles, have now been forcibly thrust into the world of remote work. That genie can’t be put back in the bottle. The option for working remote is here to stay. Employers that try to hand-cuff their folks back to brick and mortar after things calm will be left in the dust kicked-up by employees sprinting to go work for the competition.

Ultimately, we think some businesses will emerge better than ever, and with them will be an engaged workforce. Our predictions:

  • Organizations buying into remote work will expand their recruiting efforts globally and get the best people for the job. Their time to value with employee contributions will shrink resulting in better business faster.
  • With remote workers, smart leaders will cultivate a culture of trust and admonish petty judgement and shaming. A trusting culture invites ideas and sparks innovation. These organizations will gain a competitive edge.
  • Businesses that invest in supporting a remote workforce will engage their employees and reap the benefits. And then the most forward-thinking businesses will further enhance the user experience for remote workers. Those organizations will invest in intelligence as part of the Future of Work and empower their employees to spend their work-time in the Zone of Genius versus mired in busywork. Employees of these organizations will thrive and fuel their company’s success.
  • Workers will demand flexible workstyles and push employers to value them and their contributions. The rising tide will indeed elevate all ships. Employers that don’t heed the call will sink. And some of them will learn from the experience and re-enter the business world with an eye towards humanizing the workforce.

Envisioners know that we’ll get through this together. The crisis has simultaneously softened our hearts and strengthened our shared humanity. We are resilient and we will resurface having shed our facemasks with a renewed appreciation for togetherness. And as Envisioners, we will fervently remain committed to:

  • Expansion rather than constriction
  • Trust employees rather than control employees
  • Cultivate innovation rather than critical judgement
  • Architect win/win/win scenarios rather than buy into a zero-sum game
  • Mindfully act from love rather than fear
  • Power with rather than power over
  • Purposeful rather than rudderless
  • Practice self-care and compassion rather than constant self-sacrifice
  • Intentional efforts rather than default reactions
  • Authenticity rather than image

As Victor Frankl said, “The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” The attitudes we choose stem from intrinsic curiosity, loving care, and a passion for enriching the experience. It’s a whole new world.

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