Forrester Whitepaper: Workforce Personas & Mobile App Gap

Nancy Pautsch | June 29, 2015

Nancy Pautsch
June 29, 2015

Many industry leaders in human resources and marketing use personas to better understand their audience, focus strategies and personalize messages.  As workplace technology becomes more personal through BYOD and remote worker initiatives, personas can help technologists understand their audience (employees) to create a more user-friendly environment.

Through our research and client relationships, we’ve found many best practices for internal persona initiatives.  This resource, by Forrester, outlines the key aspects of personas and how to use them to better support employees through focused, prioritized initiatives. Forrester also outlines recommendations in creating your own personas, specific to your company.

As employees (users) become more engrained with personalized technology, organizations must stay nimble to provide them the access and control they require.  Personas are a great step in building a long-term employee-centric technology plan.

Click here to download the full Forrester whitepaper: Link

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