Envision IT Delivers Enriching Workshop Series

Envision IT Pressroom | July 18, 2017

Envision IT Pressroom
July 18, 2017

Envision IT Hosts Enriching Workshop Series

Envision IT hosted a Workshop Series in multiple cities throughout Wisconsin mid-Summer 2017. Participants came eager to learn new things and share their own experiences. The day started with a technical ‘how to’ Azure session led by Envision IT CTO, Bill Crahen. Specifically, Bill walked through how to build the Azure Cloud, migrate to Azure, and recover the Azure site. Over lunch, Citrix’s Joel Piper brought excitement from the recent Synergy conference to Wisconsin; specifically, Joel shared details on recent Citrix investments intended to benefit their clients and the overall user experience. The afternoon sessions started with Envision IT CEO, Beau Smithback, who gave an overview of App Layering including: information on what App Layering is, where App layering makes sense, and different types of App Layering. Then Greg Duecher joined to take the group through a technical deep dive. Greg detailed how App Layering works, how it’s installed, and highlighted different aspects to consider among varied environments.

Each day ended with a “unique experience” allowing for additional conversation on the day and a bit of fun exclusive to the venue. In Madison, participants got a private tour of Ale Asylum’s brewery. After the tour co-founder, Otto Dilba, guided a tasting while sharing the history of the craft brewery, insight into the industry, and his personal story leading up to his living-the-dream with Ale Asylum. In Oshkosh, Leon Lutje, experienced docent and closet comedian (who knew?) toured participants through the EAA Aviation Center museum offering fun stories and important insight into aviation history. The group also caught a glimpse of the special nose art collection that is on display for a limited time at the museum.   

Participants engaged in conversations on what their organizations are currently working with and what they can now leverage using Azure and App Layering. Folks that attended called the workshops ‘productive,’ ‘informational and fun,’ and all agreed the sessions were worth the time. Suggestions poured in for additional topics. Didn’t make it to the event? No worries, for an individual deep dive on Envision’s Workshop Series reach out here: https://envisionitllc.com/pages/contact.php

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