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Envision IT Pressroom | July 1, 2021

Envision IT Pressroom
July 1, 2021

Envision’s Citrix Ready microapp for Employee Recognition has been featured in a Citrix blog post by Sr. Product Manager Danijela Nandi at Citrix. Here is a summary of what she had to say:

“Through Citrix Workspace, we’re focused on delivering digital workspace solutions, including microapps, that can help employees be as productive as possible and do their best work. A microapp is a single use case made available to users to streamline functionality from complex enterprise applications and enable users to take action directly in their Citrix Workspace feed.

The last year has shown us all how critical employee well-being is to work and an organization’s success. That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve added new microapps […] you can leverage to help support your employee well-being initiatives and fuel, inspiration, conversations, and kindness in your organization.” 


Employee Recognition by Envision

“To fuel appreciation and kindness — and help show our colleagues that their work is important — we now have a microapp that makes giving kudos to someone easy. It has never been simpler to make someone’s day. Just click the microapp, enter your colleague’s name and any other details about their work, and share how much you value their work and them.”


What Inspired this Microapp?

People are the source of everything. Fostering a conscious culture and a culture of belonging empowers employees to celebrate and value small wins. And expressing gratitude is mutually beneficial. It feels good for the person sharing the kudos and for the recipient it can help instill confidence and rejuvenation. Envision’s experience is that authentic and unconditional celebratory notes of small and large achievements alike help foster our conscious culture. With that, Envisioners feel psychologically safe to present new ideas, and that drives innovation for our stakeholders.

We’re not the only ones recognizing the power of gratitude. According to an article from McKinsey & Company and podcast by Brené Brown, celebrating the small wins helps folks face larger challenges and creates a positive dynamic where everyone wants to do better. They also caution fake expressions of thankfulness as people can recognize when gratitude isn’t authentic.

Company cultures that fail to recognize small wins can lead to employees never feeling ‘good enough’ and increasing rates of burnout. Burnout alone is costing US employees $125-190 billion annually in healthcare costs (Harvard Business Review)…this doesn’t include expenses covered by employers. Burnout decreases when employees are both engaged and thriving – historically, research has shown they influence the future state of the other and are complementary. Coming out of the pandemic, employee well-being unprecedently tanked while engagement rose (Gallup).


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It’s time to focus on improving employee wellbeing before folks hit their breaking point leading to burnout and long-team consequences. Envision’s Employee Recognition microapp is an easy and effective way to help. To learn more about enabling employee wellbeing and engagement through technology connect with us!

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