A Layered Security Approach

Envision IT Pressroom | December 15, 2021

Envision IT Pressroom
December 15, 2021

From Colonial Pipeline to Solar Winds, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and T-Mobile (just to name a few) digital security breaches and ransomware attacks have made big news in 2021. While these widely publicized incidents with large multi-national companies have made the headlines, an often-underreported story is the impact cybercrime has on small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and the role that managed service providers (MSPs) can play in protecting and guiding this increasingly vulnerable segment.  

In its most recent Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Report, the FBI reported an increase of almost 300% of reported attacks in 2020. We often hear about the big business breaches in the news, but small and medium sized businesses are not out of the woods. In fact, of all reported ransomware attacks in 2020 more than 55% were targeting SMBs with less than 100 employees.  

Improving your organization’s security posture to prevent, prepare for, or minimize the effect of a security breach requires a layered approach with a particular focus on five essential areas: 

  • Automation, Expertise, and the Human Firewall Multiple sophisticated layers of protection against today’s cyber threats and preparing your employees to serve as the first line of defense. 

  • Remote Connectivity Reevaluating WFH strategies to optimize security without compromising user experience. 

  • Cyber Insurance A necessary cost of doing business that can assist in the timely remediation of cyberattacks and incidents. 

  • Incident Response Plan A critical component to recovery readiness that requires collaboration between all critical business units. 

  • Business Continuity – Organizations with Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solutions in place are less likely to experience significant downtime from ransomware. 

To learn more about how Envision IT can maintain the health of your technology environment, strengthen your security posture, and help your organization address the ransomware crisis from “readiness to response, visit us at www.envisionitllc.com or give us a call at 608.824.2060. 

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