EaaS for Citrix Cloud Enablement

“Citrix is critical to keeping our users engaged, productive, and securely working 24/7/365 in our healthcare environment. Envision IT has become a valuable member of our team with the use of their Envision as a Service. We have a Citrix partner in Envision IT that is genuine, honest, and dedicated to Cedar Community’s success.”

- Mark Chapman, Director of Technology, Cedar Community

More than ever organizations rely on Citrix to deliver a secure digital workspace that includes an excellent end-user experience for their employees. And with the flexibility and choice that Citrix offers to clients, environments may be spread among Cloud providers and/or on-premise. Envision partners with customers to take a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy and optimal Citrix environment with:

  • Visibility to real-time and actionable performance statistics as well as trending information
  • Optimizing the end-user experience for employees
  • Detecting security vulnerabilities before business impact
  • Envision Citrix expertise grounded in best practices to compliment in-house talent

EaaS for Risk Mitigation

“In 2018, the 60% of enterprises that implement appropriate cloud visibility and control tools will experience one-third fewer security failures.”

-Is the Cloud Secure, Gartner

Securing digital assets is becoming increasingly difficult as bad actor activity is on the rise. Envision offers clients layers of security augmentation to help reduce risk of data loss or effective infiltration. Options range from managed internal and external threat detection to end-user awareness training.

EaaS for Compute

“After many years of working with various IT companies, Envision is the first that doesn’t feel vendor-ish. They are a caring partner. They provide expert guidance based on our business, not pushing their own agenda. We trust we’re in good hands.”

-Todd Schroeder, Finance Director, Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association

Many organizations have talented technology professionals that are overqualified for basic care and feeding of core systems. And keeping up with the latest patch schedules for major platforms along with testing patches can be tedious and time-consuming. In order to retain valuable IT staff and appropriately utilize their expertise for strategic projects, companies engage Envision IT for flexible, reliable support of their systems. Not all clients require the same coverage or reporting, so Envision IT works with our clients to define the right support model.

EaaS for End-users

“Organizations are missing opportunities to use workspaces to their advantage…start with the end-users’ needs, then craft a solution.”

-3 Traits of Modern Digital Workspace Leaders, Calvin Hsu

The source of every business is people. And they matter…a lot. Our Wisconsin-based Endearment team helps ensure that technical questions and issues are fielded with kindness, addressed with industry-lauded expertise, and resolved completely with care.

EaaS for Critical Application delivery

“Envision IT has been a great partner to the school district with our virtualization strategy and execution for Project Lead the Way (PLTW). PLTW has become a key part of our high school and middle school curriculum. Envision didn’t sell us product, they helped make it all work.”

- Steve Schlomann, CIO School District of Waukesha

For organizations who want to focus on business instead dedicating resources to infrastructure and a support staff, Envision offers application delivery and support as a service. Our clients avoid a sizeable capital outlay and can still provide secure access to critical applications and a robust user experience for their employees from anywhere, at anytime and from any device.