“Mobile technology and new approaches to management are transforming the digital workplace…organizations supporting these strategies are expected to double from 23% to 44% in the next three years.  Digital work helps leading organizations solve problems more creatively, 96%; provide better customer service, 87%; and collaborate more effectively, 90%.”

- Building the Digital Workplace, Oxford Economics

Envision’s business is mostly comprised of professional services and not product or cloud sales. Our Strategy Consultants and Enterprise Architects start with our clients’ business and then advise technology strategy with optimal business and people outcomes as the top priority. We understand that business objectives should guide an organization’s technology direction rather than technology manufacturers (or their resellers) dictating the technology path.

The Source: People

“WPHCA is dedicated to helping our membership thrive, so our team is creative, caring, and of a growth mindset. Our people are everything, and Envision understands that. They support our people with expertise, kindness and care…they don’t just support our ‘technology needs,’ they support us and our business.”

- Stephanie Harrison, CEO, Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association

Envision’s consulting and partner approach starts with the end-user and how they need and want to work. We work from there to secure and optimize the platforms leading and hosting digital assets.

Technology Optimization

“Envisioners are awesome consultants. They helped us optimize our Citrix and MS platforms resulting in a savings of 525 hours per day for our caregivers. This helps our team focus on delivering remarkable healthcare”

- Vijay Gandagatri, Senior Systems Analyst, Healthcare, CUGC-XL November 2017

Envision doesn’t rely on product sales to drive profitability. Our technology experts ensure that industry-leading platforms are optimally configured to meet the needs of the business and integration empowers efficient workflow. Partnering with Envision routinely results in happier users and better business.


“Envision IT clearly understood our objectives for technology in our business and exceeded our expectations. They helped us migrate to the public cloud which ended up lowering our costs by 40% and improving performance. They provide consultation and management ensuring it works 24/7/365.”

- Charlene Schmidt, Program Manager Identit-e

We applaud the validation of Cloud strategies as well as the user adoption rate of private and public Cloud options. Envision IT helps organizations assess the applicability of Cloud from both business and technology perspectives. We help clients’ prioritize key decision criteria based on their unique organizational objectives.

Envision IT does not own or operate a data center nor resell Cloud platforms. This differentiates us as an agnostic advisor to our clients. We help clients architect, execute, and/or maintain an on premise compute environment, hybrid Cloud, or full public Cloud approach to technology.