Blood, sweat, and blessings

Beau Smithback, CEO of Envision IT, founded the organization in 2001 shortly after graduating High School. Throughout college, he and a few technologists helped area companies adopt and integrate technology into their business. Beau’s clients loved doing business with his small company. After graduating college, the group realized they had more than 50 successful and loyal clients encouraging them to cultivate Envision IT, and so they did.

In late 2013, Beau brought on a new leadership team to architect and lead a strategic transformation based on the principles discussed in Conscious Capitalism and Firms of Endearment. Since then Envision IT has grown significantly and continues to endear our clients, employees, and business partners. Envision IT has been recognized locally for our contributions to the economy and our communities as well as recognized globally for technology engineering excellence and project success.


On Purpose

Envision IT is in business to create and sustain fulfilling careers and enable quality of life for our employees, help our clients do the same for their employees, and be a generous contributor within our communities. To maintain integrity of Envision’s broader objective than just wealth generation, the organization is steadfast in its owner-operated path.

Envision-ers share a heightened sense of purpose and conscious intention to do right by each other and our stakeholders. This comes through in our passion for the client experience, peer mentoring, expansive creativity, a team with diverse backgrounds driving innovation, and a caring and fun culture.



Our people are the source of everything we do and are invaluable. We inspire the team to attain ‘flow’ as described by Daniel Goleman. With that, the Envision IT business model enables continual investment in our employees and empowers them to deliver an exceptional client experience. We’re even investing in new-born Envision-ers by starting their college funds.

Envision’s profit generation formula is an anomaly within the technology industry and not focused on product resale. Envision IT is not a VAR nor a reseller of Cloud services or Datacenter space. We focus on making technology platforms work for our clients versus selling them. With that, our team can genuinely provide agnostic advisement for our clients.

Our compensation model is fair and demonstrates trust in our team to do the right thing. Even our sales team compensation is designed to serve the company’s psychosocial infrastructure.


Quality of Experience

Envision IT is soulful company operating as a firm of endearment. We foster an ethos of integrity, loyalty, belonging and inclusion, emotional intelligence, and a Kaizen mindset. Our people are talented, compassionate, well-prepared, and love helping our clients leverage technology to improve the lives of the people their businesses serve. Envision IT consistently earns our reputation for executing on that mission.