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Create It CMS Content Management System by Envision IT



Websites that are difficult to update or require a programmer to make simple changes simply do not work in today's web world.  People need content management systems (CMS).  At first, we tried to make use of the existing platforms out there but found them to be either too difficult to use or too troublesome to integrate other products.  After trying a handful of different products and finding pitfalls with each of them, Envision IT built a custom CMS, CREATEit CMS, that integrates fully customizable modules including mass emailing, surveys, eCommerce, blogs and many more.  Since we own all of the code for all modules, we don't have to worry that an upgrade to our core CMS will break another module - they're all developed and tested together by a core team of website developers.  This eliminates hastle for the end-user and creates a fully managed CMS as a Service product.


Experience It ePublisher by Envision IT



The way in which we receive information is changing.  Television, print publications, and the internet are beginning to merge into one.   

EXPERIENCEit e-Publisher creates online publications that take the benefits of a newsletter or print publication that a person would read page by page, add the power of sight, sound, motion and emotion with Online Video, and encorporate the interactivity available on a website with elements like Surveys, Donations and e-Commerce.  Experience It e-Publisher provides a vehicle to create engaging, interactive online publications that people want to read.


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-Brian K., Operations Manager, Strandex and Wire Works Engineering

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