“As technology rapidly changes, Envision helps our clients articulate their business need, then works together with our teams to identify the technical nuances and create the appropriate solution.”

- Nickolo Villanueva, COO, VCPI

Envision IT engages with clients to first understand their corporate objectives, challenges and key performance indicators. Most often we start with the people and their workflow and experience. From there, we continue business-focused discussions that help identify how technology is used today and how it can be better leveraged to engage employees and drive the business. Key performance indicators that we have improved include customer satisfaction, top- and bottom-line revenues, reduced time-to-market, operational efficiency and employee attraction and retainment, among others. Since Envision IT is not focused on hardware resale, we objectively advise on optimizing technologies or processes to achieve results.

The Source: People

"The majority (50.8%) of employees (U.S. workers) were "not engaged," while another 17.2% were "actively disengaged...extensive research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization's financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement."

- Gallup, Jan 2016

Our company is like family and we love each other. With that, we strive to enrich the lives of our employees. One of several ways we do that is with technology. Leveraging our know-how with leading platforms, we enable our team to exceed client expectations and at the same time maintain work/life balance. We all share a sense for doing the right thing and optimized technology makes it easier to do the right things even better.

- Christine Buentello, HR and Finance Manager, Envision IT

Envision considers our employees the source of everything we do…do you? In the age of the always-on workforce, thriving companies are putting users at the center of business through desktop virtualization and mobile technology initiatives, including bring-your-own device and unified access deployments. Business leaders are building remote communities of talented employees. To help do that, they're leveraging secure mobile workstyles, dynamic business applications and real-time technology support. These elements also provide a foundation for organic growth and competitive advantage. Citrix leads this space with the most complete, proven, and secure end user virtualization suite.

The Envision IT team is considered the “Best of the Best” of Citrix partners with certified specializations across the Citrix stack of technologies, and recognized within the top 3% of partners for excellence in mobility. As flexible workstyles evolve across industries, Envision IT leads the movement by making awesome work 24/7/365.

Technology Virtualization

“IT spends 83% less time deploying software and less time overall on key desktop management tasks after implementing a centralized desktop solution”

- IDC “Driving Business Value with Desktop Virtualization”

- Whitepaper, April 2015

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) has become a key part of our high school and middle school curriculum as we train students for future careers in engineering and design. Hardware and software used in this curriculum has become increasingly costly and difficult to maintain. Envision IT has been a great partner to the school district with our desktop virtualization strategy and execution as well as knowledge transfer for our staff. We now have centralized management which is efficient for our staff and flexibility to extend to our students to securely work from anywhere using a variety of devices (tablet, Mac, PC, etc.) Envision didn’t sell us product, they helped make it all work.

- Steve Schlomann, CIO School District of Waukesha

Our industry continues to improve performance and reliability while embracing open source software and commodity hardware. As legacy vendors battle to maintain their foothold in the traditional datacenter space, the feature gaps among the major platforms narrow to a point where many of the traditional datacenter disciplines (compute hardware, storage, hypervisor, network, etc.) have been commoditized.

Virtualization has played a role in significant ROI over the years and today we are seeing hardware stacks “hyper converged”, which has new payoffs in the form of high performance networking and storage without the traditional network and storage costs, all while being more flexible and scalable in deployment and on-going operations. Even traditional WAN, which accounts for a significant portion of our budgets, is seeing virtualization in the form of SD-WAN cutting costs while improving performance and flexibility.

Envision IT helps organizations navigate a new approach to conventional datacenter design through the evaluation of non-traditional hardware, software, and outsourced datacenter options such as public clouds.


“Top 3 Drivers of Public Cloud Adoption = 64% improve cost efficiencies; 62% reduce IT overhead expenses; 50% speed application deployment for faster time to market”

- Practice, 2015

Envision IT clearly understood our objectives for technology in our business and exceeded our expectations. They helped us migrate to the public cloud which ended up lowering our costs by 40% and improving performance. They provide consultation and management ensuring it works 24/7/365.

- Charlene Schmidt, Program Manager Identit-e

We applaud the validation of Cloud strategies as well as the user adoption rate of private and public Cloud options. Envision IT helps organizations assess the applicability of Cloud from both business and technology perspectives. We help clients’ prioritize key decision criteria based on their unique organizational objectives.

Envision IT does not own or operate a data center nor resell Cloud platforms. This differentiates us as an agnostic advisor to our clients. We help clients architect, execute, and/or maintain an on premise compute environment, hybrid Cloud, or full public Cloud approach to technology.