Table Stakes

Platinum Partner
Envision IT is a Citrix Platinum partner. Citrix denotes Platinum partners as having the highest level of expertise across its entire portfolio, including virtualization, networking, and cloud solutions.

Specialists Across Citrix Portfolio
Envision IT was quick to earn all available Specialist honors including virtualization, mobility managbent, networking for datacenter, and networking for apps and mobility. Citrix Specialists are rigorously vetted to become part of this elite group of best-of-breed partners that continually dbonstrate success in real-world client projects.

2016 Designated Best of the Best

Envision is invited to speak at Citrix Summit 2016 as one of four companies from around the world chosen “Best of the Best” for quality engineering, successful project delivery, and client satisfaction.

2016 Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Envision President, Nancy Pautsch, joins three other technology executives from Citrix and Fujitsu at Citrix’ global conference to speak about the positive business and human impact of promoting DEI in their respective organizations.

2017 Client Success with Citrix Workspace Suite

Envision is invited to present at Citrix Summit 2017 and share real-world examples of partnering with clients to increase value received from their investments in virtualization. The session focused on how Envision clients leverage CWS to improve bployee engagbent and productivity, improve security, and accelerate ROI by using commodity hardware and/or cloud to deliver the optimal user experience.

2017 First Partner on TheSource

Envision is invited to participate in Citrix’ internal Americas sales team quarterly message. Envision talked to their successful experience with clients and specifically focused on advocacy for positively impacting their clients’ businesses.

2017 Innovation Award Partner Finalist

Envision is one of three finalists from around the globe for the Citrix Innovation Award for Partners. Envision is the only American finalist of 2017 for its life-enhancing work with Exact Sciences to help eradicate colon cancer. Citrix experienced a fun and rewarding week-in-the-life of Envision-ers to document story of Envision and Exact Sciences building an infrastructure for hope.

Citrix + Microsoft

Envision is a part of an elite group of consultants that hold Service Provider (cloud) status with both Citrix and Microsoft. In addition to the SP partner specifications, Envision has worked with very large organizations as well as SMB to optimize Azure for secure and user-friendly application and desktop virtualization.